Are you anti-vaxxers?

No. We do not take any stance on Covid or the vaccines, other than to say: voluntary informed consent to medical procedures is an essential human right as established by the Nuremberg Code.

The purpose of the declaration is not to take a position on any issue or conflict our society faces. It is simply to say that demonising and scapegoating innocent people can never be made acceptable.

Therefore, our concern is not with Covid, but with policies enacted in the name of Covid and other crises which we believe repeat the mistakes of the past.

Are you affiliated with any group or organisation?

No. When discussing the project, the three founders made a clear decision not to align the declaration with any group or organisation as we don't want it to stand for anything other than the words of the declaration.

Anyone who agrees with the declaration is welcome to sign it, regardless of their personal political leanings. We aim simply to unite people from across society in affirming that wanton persecution of any group or strata within society can never be acceptable.

Can anyone sign the declaration?

Yes! We invite people from every ethnicity and all walks of life who affirm the declaration to add their signature. Just go to the form at the bottom of the home page to add your name.

Why can’t non-Jewish people sign the declaration publicly?

While genocide is sadly an experience that is not unique to the Jewish people, the Holocaust is the starkest example of a modern, supposedly enlightened population demonising a group within society before attempting to exterminate them.

The Jewish people are therefore in a unique position to sound the alarm when the events preceding the Holocaust are mirrored in our time and culture, potentially leading to a similarly devastating event. Consequently, the declaration is intended as an alarm bell sounded by Jews to warn the world.

However, we are aware that non-Jewish allies who share our concerns would like to support the declaration, which is why they can sign, albeit anonymously.

How are you defining a Jew?

That’s up to you. If you consider yourself to be Jewish, we do too.